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American Toy Fox Terrier Club

TFT Rescue Program

The American Toy Fox Terrier Club is a separate corporation from American Toy Fox Terrier Rescue.  All information concerning RESCUE should be directed to them.

Please use the following email address to contact them.
c/o Patricia Blair

Also, all rescue money should be sent to their treasurer at the following address.

TFT Rescue, Inc.
c/o Marie Haynes,Treasurer
7761 Handwoven Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89149

If you have questions, please contact the National Rescue Coordinator at  Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has donated money to the rescue fund.

You can also check out our available dogs on the website at:


  • There will always be a need to find good homes for Toy Fox Terriers. Not all of these dogs will be rescued from a shelter or an abusive situation. Most of the time it is simply a matter of finding a home when the present owner cannot continue to keep the dog.

  • It should be the policy of every breeder to take back a dog he/she has bred that ends up in this predicament. The breeder should provide appropriate information to the buyer in case such a situation occurs.  However, even when the breeder provides such information, there are owners who are unable or unwilling to contact the breeder. For those dogs there is a need of a helping hand.

  • Whenever possible, it is hoped that the person rescuing the dog will be able to provide immediate assistance. The American Toy Fox Terrier Club Rescue Fund stands ready to help in this endeavor.

  • It is hoped that each member of the ATFTC will lend a hand when called upon. If taking a dog into your home is not possible, perhaps calling a few friends or writing some letters will help to find someone who can help. Rescue is an undertaking that can only succeed with everyone's participation. Surely we all want the same thing for these little dogs that we love so much.


  • Occasionally, Rescue has an adult Toy Fox Terrier who needs a new home. These are excellent dogs who have lost their homes through no fault of their own.  Homes can be lost through death, divorce, relocation, illness, or many other reasons.  A "ready made" dog can be a wonderful choice for the first-time owner or the family that doesn't have the time to train a puppy.

  • These older dogs are usually housebroken, leash trained, or even obedience trained. They are usually nice about being brushed and combed. Lots of patience is required, however, for the first few weeks. The dog will feel confused and lonesome for his old family, but will quickly learn to love his new family given time liberally sprinkled with patience and love.


  • Having been actively involved with dog rescue since the early 1990’s, I can vouch that while the joys and rewards of rescue are undeniable, the work is never ending. Through no fault of their own, there are too many TFTs needing help that are at risk of falling between the cracks. To anyone that is contemplating either adopting a TFT or helping with fostering, transporting, fund raising, education, etc. - it will be an experience that will enhance your lives. The very ability of some of these dogs to trust humans again after their loss, abandonment, abuse or neglect can touch your very soul. The unconditional love that they offer will brighten your days. You can also be assured of the gratitude of the entire ATFTC rescue community!