American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Top Twenty Breed Competition
Using Breed Totals for 2022

1GCHS CH Kallmee The Aerialist209S Thibodeaux
2GCHS CH La Islas Bohemian Rhapsody195J McCloud/R Sanchez
3GCHB CH Valdon's Triple Bravo190J Krumm/L Waters
4GCHS CH Valcopy Bulletproof BCAT147L Johnson/D Plonkey
5GCHB CH Barbary Make It Magic140D Monette
6GCHB CH Starfox Queen Of Hearts131J Barlet/T Vida/S Irwin
7GCHB CH M L Stairway To Heaven109S Peter/I Burg/E Criqui
7GCHS CH Fritzfox Que Sera, Sera109L Boles
9GCHS CH Tnts Mind Your Own Biscuits92T Dvorak/A Wagner/K Sunnenberg/T Dvorak
10GCH CH Ultra Quest Special Charmer70W Henney
11GCH CH Dar-Rich Party Like A Pirate60D Teter/S Erdman
12GCH CH Socal's All About Carizma59S Haynes/S Davis-Moorwessel/C Fletcher
13GCH CH Topfox Dynasty Dance At The Cotillion53T Topham
14GCH CH Socal's Keeper Of My Heart46C Fletcher
14GCH CH Valcopy Adorabella46D Plonkey/R Davis
16GCH CH Dar-Rich All Star Ets Maybe Yes Maybe No45W Howard
17GCH CH Lalique White Jasmine43D Fisher
17GCH CH Skylocke-M L What Dreams Are Made Of43M Liggett
19GCH CH Foxshire Summer Vacation @ Lilly'S BCAT CGC TKN41R Lilly/M Lilly/S Kittner/J Kittner
20GCH CH Benaires Valentino Of Twinstars40S Watson


From The Canine Chronicle