American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Health Committee

The Health Chairman (or a committee member appointed by the Chairman) will attend the yearly Canine Health Conference held for Parent Clubs, on behalf of the ATFTC. Notes will be taken from the meeting, and reported back to the club to reveal new diseases, disorders, and conditions being found in the canine, and specifically the American Toy Fox Terrier (TFT). Attend all speeches to determine planned research, treatments and cures, as well as any new “DNA” tests available, to identify the presence of diseases, and disorders in the genes of TFTs, to allow breeders to make better breeding choices which will enable them to produce TFT’s with fewer health defects .

Report information via the newsletter and website, on diseases, disorders, and conditions being experienced by canines, and known to the TFT, gathered from the Canine Health Conference, and other sources.

Create, and conduct, health surveys among ATFTC members periodically (every 5 years), to determine the level, and type of disease, disorders, and conditions ATFTC members are experiencing with TFTs, and report findings back to membership, via the newsletter, and through seminars during the National show week, held annually.

Monitor publications, websites, and be observant within the canine community to detect any health concerns, procedures, or suggestions, and report such information to membership via the newsletter and website.

The Health Chairman will determine the level of support needed, and suggest people to maintain the above health initiatives for the ATFTC.

The Health Chairman is responsible for updating the above and submitting it to the Board for their approval.

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