American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Education Committee

The chairperson will be responsible for developing all educational programs to be used in any education process. These programs will adhere to the presently approved Breed Standard as approved by the American Kennel Club.

The education committee will be responsible for preparing all board approved educational materials used in the education of the American Toy Fox Terrier.  No deviations from the approved standard will be allowed in any materials used for distribution to the public.

Programs such as Mentoring, Presenting, Judges education, Exhibitors, Breeders, and general public education will be developed and training for such programs will be provided at each National Specialty held yearly. Upon completion of training, applicants may submit their application to serve as a representative of the ATFTC and if approved, will be placed on the list of approved Mentors and or Presenters. This approved will be kept updated and current and available through the Secretary. This approved list will be submitted to AKC and any seminar, workshop, mentor program given by non approved people will not be accredited by ATFTC. Some of these programs may be given to committee members for supervision, but will remain the responsibility of the committee chairperson for compliance of this committee’s roles.

The chairperson will communicate via written reports with the Board through the Vice President, liaison and provide a copy of any un approved materials to the Board prior to such use. A budget will be submitted yearly to the Board at least 10 days prior to the 1st meeting after the seating of officers and board.

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