American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Breeder Referral Committee

The Chairperson of this committee will be selected and this chairperson will have the responsibility to select members as needed to fulfill the committee’s purpose.

The purpose of the committee will be to respond to all inquiries about the Toy Fox Terrier regarding obtaining, purchasing, leasing, stud services, etc..

The chairperson may select referral people in different regions to assist and meet the needs of this service but it will be the responsibility of the Committee chairperson to manage such.

All Breed flyers and breed standards will be distributed as requested to clubs, individuals, etc. as the chairperson deems appropriate.

The chairperson will make sure the following disclaimer is always presented to the inquirer prior to referring any member of the American Toy Fox Terrier Club.


The American Toy Fox Terrier Club of America in no way assumes the responsibility, liability, or ethical practices of this referral. It is being given only as a party that owns Toy Fox Terriers and may be able to meet your requests.

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