American Toy Fox Terrier Club

Awards Committee

A chairperson of this committee will be selected by the Board and this chairperson will have the responsibility to members as needed to fulfill the committee’s purpose.


The purpose of this committee will be:

  • To investigate the styles of awards to be given each year regarding the plaques the qualifying members might receive.  This can be accomplished by the committee using a survey to the members via the Newsletter or website.
  • This information will be submitted to the Board by the Chairman of the committee, for approval.
  • New Champion Certificates will be awarded to each member who has finished the dog’s AKC championship.
  • It will be the Breeder/Owner responsibility to communicate this information to this committee.
  • This committee will survey the AKC records in an attempt to be sure all dogs are cognized. ATFTC will not be responsible if the information does not get to the committee within the timelines as set forth by the committee to be eligible for receipt of the award at the National Specialty Banquet each year.
  • The ROM/ROMX yearly awards will also be awarded each year at the National Banquet.
  • The committee will review the ROM/ROMX application forms on the website for accuracy
  • The committee will confirm the accuracy of such applications yearly.
  • Other awards may be introduced and such will be submitted to the Board for approval.
  • Chairman will report to the Board monthly via the VP of committee meetings and update the information as it occurs.

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